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Light is an indispensable resource and a giver of life — an existential energy source for people. For ESYLUX, people's needs and requirements are therefore the measure of all things when it comes to the development of high-quality lighting. Whenever and wherever the sun's rays are not sufficient, we can create an alternative to complement or adequately replace them with our LED solutions. To achieve this, we focus on not only the highest light quality, but also the ability to combine this light with intelligent, energy-efficient control technology. This alone is what allows us to provide people with the right light at the right time.
Only in this way can lighting fixtures be transformed into a tangible solution. Customers all over the world trust our specialist knowledge in electronics, the fact that we prioritize our German site for research, development and production, and our high service standards. Despite the complexity involved in meeting all of the relevant requirements, we live "simplicity" in all areas, processes and products. After all, a solution only helps people to advance when it is easy to implement!

ESYLUX light quality

Colour rendering
An important factor for light quality is ensuring the best possible colour rendering. However, the standard minimum requirements are not enough to meet our high standards. For this reason, we do not just report the Ra value of the CRI for our lights, which only covers the first eight test colours of the colour rendering index. Instead, we provide our customers with the measurement results for all 15 test colours. What's more, we are one of the first manufacturers to expand our testing methods to include the colour quality scale (CQS). Together, the CRI and CQS guarantee that even weak colours as well as highly saturated colours are realistically rendered by LEDs. We are only satisfied with our results when a lamp performs well against both the CRI and CQS.
Glare rating
A lamp's diffusor can be the crucial difference between good light and the best light. An uninterrupted workflow can only be maintained across the entire room when the lamp's structural design protects users at neighbouring desks from glare. This is indicated by the Unified Glare Rating (UGR): The lower the value, the less glare the lamp produces. How low this value must be in practice depends on the specific environment. For this reason, we offer a number of different variants for each of our lighting solutions. For example, the ALICE and CLARA series include designs that are perfect for screen-based workplaces. The PRANA+ series diffusors even meet the high standard requirements for technical drawing.
Colour consistency
The kelvin value of a light does not always deliver what it promises. At least not if the manufacturer fails to test the colour tolerance. Here is one possible result: Although a specific temperature value is reported for a series, the actual white tone differs from light to light. This can result in an unpleasant green tinge here and there that makes it difficult to create an attractive lighting mood for a ceiling or wall. This is why low colour tolerance—or in other words, high colour consistency—must be considered as early as the LED binning process. Customers can rely on the low colour tolerance of ESYLUX lighting: The low Standard Deviation of Colour Matching (SDCM) value of less than three represents a harmonious, uniform light.
Colour purity with tunable white
The purity of the "tunable white" light colour plays a particularly important role. This means that the light is able to switch seamlessly between cold and warm white. This is measured according to the black body curve, as indicated by the CIE standard colour diagram. Manufacturers that focus on a small number of points, such as 2700 and 6500 kelvin, but ignore the area in between, will never be able to produce a clean transition with a pure white tone. This is why we test 40,000 combinations of warm and cold white during the long-term tests at the ESYLUX light laboratory before selecting the right combination for every point on the black body curve. This is how we create the purest sunlight-white and biologically effective lighting.

Light that simply works better

SymbiLogic: energy-efficient „Human Centric Lighting“

When it comes to achieving the best luminous effect for people indoors, there is a lot more to consider than conventional quality characteristics. We do not use light only to see. The key phrase here is "human centric lighting" — the pinnacle of indoor lighting. Human centric lighting is biologically effective lighting that produces a light that covers the largest possible area and that responds over the course of the day in terms of its brightness and light colour. When exposed to this type of biodynamic lighting, people's hormonal systems continuously receive an optimum mixture of light that promotes vitality, wellbeing and concentration, as well as benefiting health. As a result, people can get off to a better start to the day and achieve a higher level of productivity than ever before, and in the evening, the light helps to prepare them for a refreshing night's sleep — ensuring that they are energised to face the challenges of the next day.

Biodynamic lighting with excellent energy efficiency — SymbiLogic technology

With its SymbiLogic technology, ESYLUX has developed an advanced form of biologically effective lighting. In addition to a programme that replicates natural light changes over the course of the day, the SymbiLogic concept also provides another programme that is optimised for the workplace in accordance with the example set by DIN SPEC 67600 and that counteracts typical afternoon fatigue. The SymbiLogic technology creates biologically effective lighting that also exhibits an excellent level of energy efficiency: Using the high-tech sensors integrated into all ESYLUX lighting solutions, the SymbiLogic concept makes use of the existing daylight in a similar manner to conventional daylight-dependent continuous lighting control. Only in this way can the actual brightness at a desk—and therefore also the biological effect of the light—be precisely controlled.

To Rome at the touch of a button — thanks to SymbiLogic technology

And here is yet another unique feature of the SymbiLogic technology: Not everywhere in the world is subject to the same lighting conditions. In the north, the sun shines differently to in the south due to the different latitudes and different lighting types. This due to the fact that sunlight enters the earth's atmosphere at different angles at different latitudes, thus altering its brightness and light temperature. The SymbiLogic technology is able to reproduce these lighting conditions to create biologically effective lighting, allowing users to simply choose the lighting programmes from the large selection available that best suit their requirements. These programmes are based on the lighting conditions in a range of world cities — a feature that virtually makes it possible to travel to Rome at the touch of a button. New York, Hamburg and Rio de Janeiro are among the many cities available.

Biologically effective lighting for every office

Everyone benefits equally from the biologically positive effect of light. However, the various challenges relating to the external design of the lights and their assembly that arise from the requirements of the users and the indoor environment. For this reason, ESYLUX offers biologically effective lighting for a variety of applications. A sophisticated design is often preferred for a boardroom or in prestigious spaces. In these cases, the PRANA+ series is the best choice, and includes floor lights that feature the integrated SymbiLogic technology. By contrast, the NOVA and CELINE Quadro sets, our highly extendable system solution, are ideal for workers in a typical office environment and can be installed in no time at all via plug-and-play.

ESYLUX light management

Be it wired or not, networking is best

Continuous lighting regulation, biodynamic lighting and presence-dependent automation all have one thing in common: They are all forms of light management, an aspect that has long been indispensable in the world of lighting. After all, lighting can be conveniently adjusted to suit the fundamental and individual needs and desires of the user only with the help of intelligent control solutions. As specialists in needs-based control, it goes without saying that ESYLUX lights always feature intelligent control concepts. Lights become even more convenient and flexible when they can be networked — whether this happens wirelessly with EnOcean as with the PRANA+ Office Floor Lights or via DALI as with all of our other lighting innovations.

The DALI fieldbus — with potential beyond lighting control

It is no coincidence that DALI has become a successful standard all over the world. The simple cabling and the polarity-free wiring help the installing technician, while the easy operating concept aids the end user. In addition, DALI can be easily integrated into higher-level light management systems. It is no surprise that the popularity of DALI has long since extended to outdoor lighting applications, where the demand for intelligent networking is only increasing. The ALVA bollard light is our new flagship product for outdoor lighting applications. With the integrated DALI electronic ballast, the user can design and call up unique lighting profiles. By adding a motion detector, the bollard light is even capable of controlling entire lighting groups automatically. And conventional devices without DALI electronic ballast? Also possible: with our DALI switch!

Both eyes on quality at all times

The ESYLUX lighting laboratory
We are serious about our high quality promise and could not meet our own high standards without a dedicated lighting laboratory. This is where ESYLUX lights undergo several hours of testing that examines in detail all key parameters and characteristics. Thanks to the lighting laboratory, we are also in a position to scrutinise the lights produced by our competitors.
We are also able to effortlessly generate the light distribution curves for our own lights. This information is later integrated into the plugins for planning software from DIALux and RELUX. What's more, our lighting laboratory features intelligent DALI control, which is especially convenient for performing the tests!

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