MINI versions by ESYLUX. Now also available for DALI

ESYLUX would like to present the new sensors from the successful Mini series in the form of two DALI presence detectors. Developed for single-channel broadcast operation, these new products increase the energy efficiency of your lighting as well as the service life of your LEDs with their simple yet understated design concept.
Your advantages
  • Subtle and compact design (FLAT variant just 3 mm when installed!)
  • Front cover made from a single mould
  • Single-channel DALI broadcast operation
  • Orientation light feature
  • Twilight switch feature
  • In-built switch-off warning
  • Automatic configuration of DALI electronic ballasts
  • Field of detection can be extended by means of digital master-slave communication
  • More than just lighting...
    Combining the FLAT DALI presence detectors with the DALI switch is an excellent way to create an initial room automation setup. The additional switching channel on the DALI switch allows users to connect and control conventional consumers, enabling them to automate all the room technology with even lower power consumption.
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    Power supply

    The CU PS DALI power pack from ESYLUX powers DALI operating units or DALI control modules that do not have their own power supply.

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    NEW: DALI detectors in the FLAT series

    Especially for places where the focus is on maintaining clear, linear interior architecture without intrusive technical elements.
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    If DALI is not an option, see our other detectors in the Mini series.

    Whether you need solutions for 230 V, KNX or low voltage ranges: ESYLUX provides Mini versions for all conventional operating technologies.
    230 V
    The 230 V detectors in the Mini series are optimally protected against high inrush currents, making them classics in the ESYLUX range. Thanks to factory preprogramming they can immediately be operated once installed.
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    Numerous configuration options are a matter of course for KNX. The same applies to our KNX Mini detectors: More than 30 objects are available in the ETS for demand-driven automation of the highest level.
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    12–36 V
    Thanks to AC/DC variants for low voltage ranges, the Mini versions can also be used in buildings with PLC systems. Not only are they particularly unobtrusive as a result of their small size, their switching action is also completely silent.

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    Everything in view at all times.

    Rooms and tasks are different, and so are the requirements for presence detectors when it comes to fields of detection. The Mini versions are designed for 6, 8 or 12 metres, making them suitable for almost any environment. Should this not suffice, they can easily be combined.

    Easy to install anywhere.

    Installation of presence detectors on walls and ceilings often requires different solutions. If a cavity exists the Mini versions can be installed using a locking ring or spring clamp. Where the walls are made of concrete, the handy locking ring is perfect for quick and easy mounting in brand name switches.
    NEW: Tiny brightness controller
    Use the LS-FLAT mini KNX as a stand-alone solution for high-precision brightness detection and control, or in addition to our KNX presence detectors. Its sensors record up to 10,000 lux, and two separate light channels enable it to control the lighting independently where required. As it can also align two external lighting values with its own values, there is practically unlimited potential for multi-point measurement and cascading. Numerous useful KNX functions are available for needs-based configuration.

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