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For the first time, the key field of demand-driven building automation can do what smartphones, tablets and table lamps have long been able to do: With their integrated touch sensors, the PD/MD-C 180i/16 TOUCH wall-mounted presence and motion detectors from ESYLUX allow users to control numerous functions by lightly touching the surface of the lens. That means they can replace light switches or KNX touch sensors!


The touch detectors respond to two lengths of touch: short and long. Depending on the type of detector, different functions can be controlled by touch. On the 230 V variants, a short touch can switch the light on and off. With a longer touch, you can select from several program presets. If required, this second touch function can be disabled by remote control. The KNX variants have an extra wide range of options. Both touch modes can be freely assigned with a wide variety of KNX communication objects. That means you can use the touch function to dim the lights, control the blinds or retrieve whole light scenes!

Touch operation with limitation

In this setting, the lighting is adjusted with a brief touch. Longer touches have no function. With the remote control it is possible to set whether the light can only be switched on by a brief touch, or switched both on and off.

Touch operation without restriction

In this setting, both touch modes are available. A long touch takes you to a mode where you can select between four factory settings and a custom preset.
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Touch operation via ETS programming

KNX detectors use ETS to allow complete programming of both touch modes and the respective functions that they activate. Download the product-specific software from the media centre on our website to get started!
Night-light feature
For safety and convenience
An LED light integrated directly in the touch detectors can be used as an alternative or extension to the orientation light. The 230 V detectors light up in white and feature four brightness settings. On the KNX models, seven different light colours are available (cyan, magenta, blue, yellow, green, red, white).
With all current standard switch programs
With a comprehensive range of accessories
All touch detectors are available in a set with IP-20 covers. Our comprehensive range of accessories contains many more IP-20 covers compatible with standard switch ranges.

Highly sensitive

All touch detectors contain an acoustic sensor to support the PIR sensor in narrow and difficult-to-see spaces (e.g. in sanitary facilities). The sensitivity can be adjusted between four levels to suit the ambient conditions.

Long range

With a detection area of 180° and a range of 16 m in diameter, the touch detectors are ideal for staircases or long hallways.

Remote controllable

The 230 V detectors are easily remote-controlled with Mobil-PDi/MDi or Mobil-PDi/MDi-Universal. The KNX models are operated with
Mobil-PDi/User. You can find relevant technical details in the product area of our website.

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